What is Hotshot?

Hotshot is hot coffee and hot chocolate in a single serve can that’s heated and stored hot in our HotBox®. HOT grab-n-go drinks, that are always hot, always ready.

What is a Hotbox?

HotBox is our “HOT Fridge” unit that heats and stores 9 cans of Hotshot® drinks at the perfect HOT temperature of 140F.

Do the cans really stay hot all the time?

Yes, once you put the cans in our HotBox, they stay there until you’re ready to drink one.

How long does it take to heat cans?

When loading an empty HotBox with 9 cans, it takes approximately 90 minutes to heat cans to optimal temperature (140°F). In order to avoid waiting for cans to heat, keep the HotBox stocked at all times for convenient grab-n-go coffee anytime.

How long does Hotshot stay hot outside of the Hotbox?

Hotshot cans stay hot for up to 20 minutes outside of the HotBox, but once the can is opened it will begin to cool after 5 minutes.  It’s best to consume Hotshot right after opening.

Is it safe to keep Hotbox on 24/7?

Yes, the Hotbox can stay on continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is the Hotbox safety tested & approved?

Yes, the Hotbox is ETL Approved, which is the UL Safety Standards for the U.S.

Where is Hotshot made?

Hotshot is currently packaged in Mexico.

How are cans heated?

Cans are heated in our HotBox “HOT Fridge” units. Just turn on the HotBox, place cans inside and HOT coffee will be ready in no time.

Does the HotBox use a lot of electricity?

No, the HotBox is a heating unit not a refrigerator which uses a high electric compressors. The Hotbox® simply heats cans through conductivity without having to heat the environment around it.

How long will cans stay hot if I unplug HotBox for travel?

If you unplug HotBox, cans will normally stay HOT for up to 1 hour. It is best to plug the HotBox into an outlet when you arrive at your destination.

Can I travel with the HotBox?

Yes, the HotBox has a carry handle for easy transport. Just unplug HotBox and take it with you.

How HOT is the can?

The coffee in the can is approximately 140F.

How can I hold the can if it’s Hot?

Cans are insulated by a thermal label to protect your hands. The label is specially designed to reduce the surface temperature by 50%.

Will the HOT metal can burn my mouth?

No, the cans are aluminum which releases heat very quickly. When you open the can, the air rushes in and cools the rim for comfortable drinking.

Do I have to shake can before opening?

No, but we always like to give it one or two quick little shakes. Don’t shake too hard or the can will fizz when opened.

How much caffeine is there in each can?

See “Flavor Description” on product page for all caffeine content and ingredient information.

Is Hotshot real coffee?

Yes, not only is it real coffee, it’s made from the finest Arabica beans and put through a process which extracts only the best of bean, all the fragrance and flavor. Each and every can consists of pure high quality coffee. 

What is shelf life of Hotshot?

At room temperature Hotshot® has a 1 year shelf life. On heat Hotshot® has a 2 months shelf life.

Where will I be able to buy Hotshot Beverages?

Initially you will be able to continue buying Hotshot cans on our website www.drinkhotshot.com, but in the near future you will be able to find Hotshot at many retailers in your area.

What kind of coffee is used?

100% Arabica beans grown in Ethiopia.

What kind of cocoa is used in Hot Chocolate?

We use the finest Cocoa imported from Belgium.

How many calories in each can?

See “Flavor Description” on product page for all nutritional information.

Will you come out with low fat/low calorie versions?

Yes, low fat/ low calorie versions are currently being developed . Also, our Black Coffee is only 10 Calories!